Zanzibar Commission For Tourism Tourism Essay

1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism Under that Act ZCT is responsible with many functions including licensing (operation) of all the tourist establishment in Zanzibar, Monitoring and supervision of the Zanzibar tourist, Assisting potential investors, etc (ZCT, 1992 ) 1.2 Mission Zanzibar Commission of Tourism (ZCT) on regarding the development tourism … Read More»

Wildlife sanctuaries in Kerela

sanctuaries in Kerala that one can never tire out if one has come looking for nature, wildlife and thrill. Several wildlife reserves house several species of birds and animals. People throng these places to glimpse into the nature, the bio diversity and the unique eco system. The tourist attractions here are majorly the national parks … Read More»

Why Tourists Are Going Green Tourism Essay

With increasing environmental awareness and consciousness of tourists and tourism businesses, there has been a growing trend towards green practices. The advancement of new technologies has made people in a better position to acquire information in less time required, where effective decision making are being made. Going green is a necessity for most of the … Read More»

What Is Mass Tourism Tourism Essay

of which are universal and can be applied to any situation, and others terms for a more specific purpose. Different tourism organisation, for example, often devises definitions that satisfy their own specific requirements. The more universal definition builds on Goeldner and Ritchie (2006) ‘Tourism may be defined as the sum of the processes, activities and … Read More»

Various Impacts Of Tourism In Singapore Tourism Essay

Singapore Government attaches great importance to the development of tourism, the tourism industry as unlimited resources. As early as 1964, Singapore set up a Tourism Promotion Board currently known as Singapore Tourism Board, to lead and promote the development of tourism in Singapore and to promote Singapore as an international tourist destination. The Singapore Tourism Board … Read More»

Vacation Industry Case Study Of Cyprus Tourism Essay

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea in the south of Turkey. Cyprus has a warm and dry with little rainfall climate which is a typical Mediterranean climate and this climate makes Cyprus very popular as tourist destination. The official languages of Cyprus are Turkish and Greek, while English is widely spoken by both … Read More»

International Entrepreneurship leads to greater cultural understanding

Globalization of the world market brings new possibilities as well as enormous hurdles for both established and young businesses. With the emergence of international entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs are concentrating on specific issues that they face operating in complex environments affected by diverse national cultures and institutional influences (Johanson & Vahlne, 2009). New global entrepreneurs depend on … Read More»

Types Of Tour Operators Tourism Essay

many issues relating to tourism studies. Marketing, tourism planning and development, financial management and consumer behavior are among those areas to feel such influence. Tour operations forms a dynamic industry sector characterized by expansion, intense competition, mergers and acquisitions, all of which have been pivotal to industry development and product offerings over the past 20 … Read More»

Two Different Festivals Oman And Italy Tourism Essay

According to oxford dictionary the definition of festival is A series of different types of performances which includes film show, music, dance, fair etc. And it also occurs in the same place and the same day in once a year. Festival is that things which is the aspect of a country. It’s standing for people … Read More»

Travellers motivations on tourist typology

In this report I will compare and contrast key appeal factors of the world’s top receiving countries France, Spain, USA and China. Report will explain travellers motivations and identify tourist typology. Explain why accessibility is important in choosing destination. Compare geographical features of each country and contrast key appealing factors. Motivation factors. Motivation for travel … Read More»

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